Please watch the videos below and vote on the best one. For the selection process each video has been named after a street in the surrounding community of the ABC Adult School.

Artesia Blvd

183rd St

Cuesta Dr

Bloomfield Ave

Norwalk Blvd

Pioneer Blvd

166th St

6 thoughts on “Vote

    1. Hi Vince,

      They all should have sound. Sorry about that. I guess you should check your computer? Good luck. Thanks for watching!
      Keep me posted on your latest graphic design and art endeavors.



  1. I watched the videos, but I will not show them to my ESL classes at Cabrillo Lane because they do not represent my students. I will not have my students vote on which represents Adult School. The videos show two students who can register for classes other than ESL. The videos show parts of the Adult School, such as Cabrillo Lane, but there is not enough shown to indicate that everything is not at the Cuesta site. There is more to Adult School than what is shown. I think that needs to be presented so that students can know all about Adult School. Show the videos as examples of how some students can register for more classes. Show the videos as examples of the movie classes. It would be unfair to vote on them as representing Adule School.
    Thank you,
    Bob Marseille


  2. these videos are good only for cuesta school, and only two studens for all classes looks fake, sorry, buy need involved more studens.


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