My Father My Friend Full Documentary

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Through a personal dialogue between father and daughter, this documentary reveals how monotheistic religion, modernity and scientific perception overlap on common ground. In casual everyday settings director Nabawia El-Soudani portrays the life of her father, a Middle Eastern- born American citizen that sheds light on his extensive scientific and historical research of theology.   Through her lens and the optical illusions that happen in video feedback and animation, she tells a story through her father’s voice of monotheism as it emerged from the place of his birth, Egypt and its branching out to the West. In representing her father’s humanity and open-mindedness, a feminist and progressive perspective about religion comes into focus. An exchange between contrasting points of view unify into a thorough search for personal truth where faiths find a common vein of universality based on justice to all genders and ethnicities. The mystery of both the unseen and the unknown is dealt with in an exploration of ideas about God and all that lies outside of the physical reality of the human experience between birth and death.