Finding Peace in the Trayvon Martin Case

Sign the NAACP Petition To Open a Civil Rights Case Against George Zimmerman

The Real Heavyweight in the Ring – George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin?

At the time of Trayvon Martin’s murder, George Zimmerman was not overweight, but he was 80 pounds heavier than Trayvon. Zimmerman was muscular because of the three times a week that he was involved in mixed martial arts which was read off of his medical records in court. His injuries at the time of the murder were assessed to be insignificant. Zimmerman was an armed grown man while, Trayvon was an unarmed minor.

The Voice in the 911 calls on the night of Trayvon Martin’s Murder

The voice on the recording sounded like the voice of an adolescent. Two voice analysts have stated that the crying voice was not Zimmerman’s voice. We heard the cries for help, and we heard the cries cease as soon as we heard the gun shot that Zimmerman fired. This indicates that the one who was struggling to save his life was Trayvon.
Expert Voice Analysists Say 911 Screams are NOT From Zimmerman

Angry and Profiling

Zimmerman is recorded in phone calls to the police using vulgar language, saying “they always get away”. He was angry and had his mind made up that Trayvon was his enemy before he saw him do anything wrong at all. He never reported any wrong doing on the part of Trayvon Martin, yet he still felt the need to follow him with a gun even after the police told him he did not need to do that. Zimmerman was the one on the hunt with irrational thoughts about an innocent teenager. Zimmerman was armed and dangerous and trained in mixed martial arts. How can anyone believe that the one on the hunt is now the one who acted in self-defense? There is no doubt in my mind that this was a lynching much like the lynching of Emmett Till. This is a grave injustice and a threat to the civil rights and safety of all of the citizens of this country.

Some telling videos about this story:

First report on the murder of Trayvon Martin on DemocracyNow, an unbiased source of independent journalism and well researched fact-checked news

Witness Speaks Out In Trayvon Martin Case


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